Company Information

Technical Polymers, based in Buford, Georgia, USA, is the North American hub of the Domo Engineering Plastics Division of Domo Chemicals, with headquarters in Zwinjnaarde, Belgium.

Domo Engineering Plastics is a leading, globally recognized source of compounded engineering thermoplastics and engineered thermoplastic elastomers.

As around the world there has been a steep decline of real plastic materials expertise available to customers through traditional sources, our mission is to help our customers think-through the requirements of the plastic materials used in their applications and provide them with cost-effective options to help them compete in their respective markets.

All of our facilities in North America and around the world employ state-of-the-art twin screw compounding equipment, sized to the type of material and markets served. This allows us to support both small lot and large lot production effectively. As other suppliers have increased minimum order quantities, we continue to maintain 50 lbs. as our minimum order. At the same time, we have been able to support large customers ordering many millions of pounds annually.

We have worked hard to expand the envelope of our product line, countering the industry trends and putting us in a position to be truly objective with our customers regarding the types of materials we can offer. Today we manufacture compounds from almost every engineering thermoplastic and are unbiased in terms of the base resin employed to achieve our customer solutions.

This approach has further earned us a place in practically every market in which engineering-grade compounded thermoplastics are used including transportation, agriculture, heavy equipment, consumer products, electronics, medical devices, defense and energy exploration.

Of particular importance is the emphasis of our mission at the processor level, where our materials are processed and where, with increasing regularity, materials decisions are being made. We are especially excited when we are allowed to become a direct part of our customer’s materials team.

A sincere thank you to all the customers that have made our success a part of yours!