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Ecomass Compounds Deliver Design Freedom and Reduce Costs for Premiere Golf Manufacturers

July 2016

Ecomass Compounds’ line of nontoxic high density thermoplastics provide a unique and powerful material solution for premiere golf club manufacturers, including PING and others, helping them to remain at the cutting edge of golf club technology while minimizing production and assembly costs. Given their ability to achieve material densities ranging from 2 to 11 g/cc, Ecomass Compounds provide PING club designers with a one-mold solution for balancing club-head weights for all their clubs and drivers, delivering a part that is uniform in size and shape while variable in weight. As such, PING has eliminated the need for metallic club head weights of different sizes and materials, greatly reducing the cost in sourcing and secondary machining, while also streamlining the assembly process.  Material densities are modified according to current club design demands to deliver the precise weight required by a particular club design, thus optimizing the balancing requirements for any and all clubs. Additionally, Ecomass Compounds add value by producing materials that are soft enough to be able to successfully dampen vibration transmitted through the shaft. Molded into precision balancing club head weights, Ecomass High-Gravity Compounds help PING fit their customers with the latest in golf club technology.