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Domo Acquires Technical Polymers

July 2015

Nylon 6 industrial headliner, Domo Chemicals of Leuna, Germany, officially acquired Technical Polymers LLC of Buford, GA, USA, in June of 2015, with the idea in mind to initiate a foothold in the United States. Along with the 2015 acquisition Jiaxing of Zhejiang province, China, Domo has certainly launched its initiative to expand. Technical Polymers will likely act as a direct supply line to German car makers in the United States. Chrysler, General Motors and Ford account for 60 to 70 percent of Technical Polymers annual sales of about $35 million, according to Ron Kay, chairman and CEO. High performance lightweight materials for car parts make one of the fastest growing segments of our business, reports Graham Mellen, engineer. "It makes no surprise that Domo caught sight of our business." A "perfect match with what we are doing," Kay said. Alex Segers, CEO of Domo Chemicals, praises Technical Polymers as having "built a unique business with a diverse portfolio of nylon products and a range of high-performance polymers. This acquisition, integrating a great team of people, perfectly fits into our strategy to grow our innovative capabilities and globally strengthen the business and service level to our customers." The Domo acquisition allows Technical Polymers to retain all of its members. Both sides are excited for what future there is to come. "Domo bought a team and a business...we look forward to working with them." said Kay in his closing remarks.