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  • New Product Soars in Oil Field Application

    Nycal™ products performing at their best in the oil and gas industry, as injection molding these high performance cost-savings plastic nylon materials is now possible.

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  • Ecomass Compounds Deliver Design Freedom and Reduce Costs for Premiere Golf Manufacturers

    Ecomass Compounds provide premiere golf club designers, such as PING, a one-mold solution for balancing club-head weights for all their clubs and drivers. Additionally, Ecomass Compounds add value by producing materials that are soft enough to dampen vibrations transmitted through the shaft.

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  • Domamid XS in Metal Replacement

    Domo Chemicals has developed a product line of engineered thermoplastic compounds for metal replacements that is serving well for industrial vehicle and hardware applications.

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  • Thermec™ High Performance Thermoplastic Powders

    High performance polymers like PEEK, PEK, PEKK, PPS, PES, and PPA are now available in powder grades with various particle sizes.

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  • Domo Acquires Technical Polymers

    The acquisition of Technical Polymers by Domo Chemicals Company officially to kick-off in 2015!

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