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We offer a broad selection of compounds designed to offer alternatives to industry standard products and can develop unique formulations designed for specific applications as needed. Among the many options, we manufacture compounds based on:

  • Volume Engineering Resins PA, POM, Polyesters, PC and PC Alloys
  • High Performance Engineering Resins PPS, PPA, Polysulfones, LCP, PEEK, PEK
  • Special Performance Elastomers TPU, COPE, COPA

We are constantly developing new compounds based on new / evolving technologies to meet our customer’s needs. Our goal Is to understand our customer’s end-use and processing requirements to produce the most cost-effective material for their application.

Technical Polymers current ISO 9001:2008 Certification

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Brand Polymer(s) Description
Aricon™ Polyesters Most polyester base polymers
Avatane™ ETPU & ETPU Alloys Engineering TPU
Constat™ Most Base Polymers Anti-stat, ESD, Conductive, RFI/EMI Shielding
Domamid HT™ Polyamide PA compounds with higher temp. performance
Domamid XS™ Polyamide PA compounds with higher strength / stiffness
Domamid® Polyamide PA6, PA66 compounds
Duratuf™ Acetal (POM) Both copolymer and homopolymer
Ecomass® Most Base Polymers High gravity - up to 12.0 g/cc
Econamid® Polyamide PA6, PA66 compounds
Elastane™ TPU & TPU Alloys Most thermoplastic polyurethane base polymers
Elastemp™ TPE & TPE Alloys Higher temperature elastomeric performance
Elastex Grip™ TPE & TPE Alloys Adhesion to most thermoplastic substrates
Jadec™ Polyamide Recycled PA alloys
Nycal™ Polyamide (PA) All PA (nylon) base polymers
Slique™ Most Base Polymers Wide range of friction / wear properties
Thermaflo™ Select Base Polymers Enhanced heat transfer / thermally conductive
Thermec A™ High Temp. Amorphous Polysulfones, PEI
Thermec K™ Polyketones PEEK, PEK, and other polyketones
Thermec L™ Liquid Crystal (LCP) Broad range of LCP base polymers
Thermec N™ High Temp. Polyamides Polyphthalamide (PPA), HTN
Thermec S™ Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Linear and Cross-linked base polymers
Visiloy™ PC Alloys PC/Polyester, PC/ASA and other PC alloys
Visituf™ Polycarbonate (PC) Complete melt flow range
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