Dedicated Support

We are not just a source, but a resource.
Technical Polymers has extensive knowledge of the plastics industry, plastic and additive raw materials, as well as plastic part design, tooling and processing. Our experience and understanding in the formulation and development of thermoplastic compounds helps assure that the job requirements are met and tailored to our customer’s needs. Rather than trying to fit our customers into the product we want to make, we make what they need!

We take pride in the relationships we develop with our customers.
Our sales, technical and support personnel all have many years of experience with regard to the types of materials we manufacture and the wide range of components made from these materials. We make every effort to support our customers as they work to design, develop, cost reduce or improve the products they manufacture using our products. We believe in the power of collaborative advantage and we work to form true partnerships with our customers.

Of special importance is the support we can offer in the following areas:

Formulation Translation
Over time, legacy producers focused on mass production have narrowed their product lines to a list of standard materials. In today's competitive environment, the most cost-effective material options, particularly those that employ current technology, are simply not found in those standardized categories. Technical Polymers works closely with our customers to understand the requirements of their applications. Our job is to translate those requirements into the most cost-effective material solution for any particular application.

Often overlooked as a key consideration when formulating engineering thermoplastics, we factor processing considerations into every formula we manufacture. Processing support is available and encouraged whenever trials of our materials occur. Our technical support people all have extensive experience in processing and would like to be involved whenever possible.

Our technical support team all have extensive experience working with customers to review their plastic part designs, both for functionality and process-ability. While much of this work is often performed to help troubleshoot existing programs, we encourage involvement at the beginning of new projects before mold steel is cut!

Customer Service
Our customer service team is recognized by our customers for their experience and responsiveness. They have been a key reason for the number of Supplier of the Year and Preferred Supplier awards we have earned. We encourage them to be pro-active in all their relationships with our customers to help us stay ahead of our customer's needs.

Quality Products / Quality Systems
We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and are constantly working to improve and assure the quality of our products and the systems that control our quality. Click below for a copy of our ISO certification.

Technical Polymers current ISO 9001:2008 Certification